Encouraging quotes on failure for motivation or motivating someone who is discouraged

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Looking for some inspirational quotes to share with good friends? You can find some good quotes or inspirational quotes or motivational quotes to encourage your heart and your friends.

These can be very encouraging and good quotes to share with your friends. They can bring inspiration to someone is about to give up or feeling discouraged.

Here is a Free picture or photo with Encouraging quotes / poems / words on Failure and Success. You can use this photo with encouraging quotes to make a card for your family or loved ones to let them know that failures can be stepping stones to something better or successful in time to come.

You can also use this picture to make a Homemade Bookmark with Encouraging Quote. You can share this Homemade Bookmarks with your family or loved ones.

Inspirational Quote / Encouraging Quote / Motivational Quote:
"One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better."

You can download the above photo with encouraging quotes to make simple homemade bookmarks or homemade cards:

How to make a Homemade Bookmark or Homemade Card using the above picture:

1. Download the picture above:
- Put your cursor on the picture
- Right Click your mouse
- Saved the .jpg picture into your computer

2. Insert this picture into a Word Processor (such as MicroSoft Word) or any other software.

3. Use a color printer to print.  

4. You can laminate the Homemade Bookmark or Homemade Card to make it more lasting.

How to make simple folding Homemade Greeting Cards at home using the above picture:

1) Download the picture above:
- Put your cursor on the picture
- Right Click your mouse
- Saved the .jpg picture into your computer

2. Open a new document in your Word Processor such as Microsoft Word, Open Office or any other Word Processing program. Find out the width and the height and try to divide the page into 4 equal portions. See picture below:

3. Insert the .jpg picture into the bottom left corner.

4. Turn the paper around so that the picture is now on the top right hand corner.

5. You can either type or write your personalised Birthday message on the bottom left corner of the card.

6. Fold the card into 4 equal portions and your Homemade Birthday card is ready!

Try out this Homemade Birthday Card and give your family or friends a surprise this year with a unique and personalised Homemade Card!

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